Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1969-1993

Book manuscript. Dangerous Power tells the story of the Germans' bid to remake Europe in their own image, of their quest to reclaim their country's great-power status, and, most importantly, to be emancipated from their status as a defeated nation. 


Between Ideology and Pragmatism: The INF Dispute and the Reinvention of West German Conservatism, 1979-83

Article. Between Ideology and Pragmatism analyzes West Germany's conservative renaissance brought on by the transatlantic dispute over the deployment of intermediate-range nuclear forces in Europe between 1979 and 1983. 


Bismarck's GDR: East Germany's Attempt to Normalize its German Identity 

Article. This article, which remains in a preliminary stage, analyzes the German Democratic Republic's renewed fascination with German history during the 1980s and the régime's effort to rehabilitate previously reviled figures in the socialist mythology, including Frederick the Great and Bismarck. 


One Ocean: Recasting NATO Naval Strategy, 1976-84

Article. During the era of ostensible détente between east and west, the Soviets pursued an ambitious naval arms buildup unparalleled in the postwar period. Meanwhile, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization saw a comparative weakening of its position in the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea. This study shows how NATO recovered its position of military and naval strength in the early 1980s and how variations in U.S. naval force goals determined a broader maritime strategy for the alliance.