Analytical Essay


In this analytical essay, you will have three goals. First, you will practice your skills as a careful and articulate writer, so that you can receive feedback from your instructor on your prose style as you work toward writing your research essay by the end of the term. Second, you will practice your ability to craft and sustain an academic argument. In your essay, you should show particular attention to structure, articulating a clear thesis, and supporting that claim with cogent reasons and evidence. Third, now that you have stated your research interest, your analytical essay will place you within the scholarly discourse of your field—modern German history. 


The Question 

Who gained and who lost as a result of Napoléon's conquest of Germany and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire? 



Please adhere to the following guidelines. For additional information, please see the course syllabus.

  1. Your essay should offer a tenable academic argument in which you logically support your claim with reasons and evidence and you acknowledge and respond to counter-claims against your thesis.
  2. Your essay should offer a thoughtful and engaging title.
  3. Your essay should be about 750 words in length with the word count on the last page.
  4. You should ensure that your name and title are featured on the first page. Cover pages are unnecessary.
  5. You should ensure that your submitted draft is typed, double-spaced, paginated, and free of typographical errors.